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In the previous days, passport application was a tough task. The applicant had to do rounds around the passport offices to apply, for police verification, and to get a passport. But this wastage of tons of time and energy has come to an end with the recent launch of mPassport Seva App. Thanks to technology that made everything possible at our fingertips. Now the level of technology hit the passports. Yes, now we can apply for the passport through a mobile app called mPassport Seva.

m passport seva app

This is the recent innovative step by the Government of India.  The Government of India launched this mPassport Seva App on 26th June of 2018. Union Minister for the External Affairs, Sushma Swaraj launched mPassport Seva app as a gift to Indian Citizens on the occasion of Sixth Passport Seva Divas. Using this app any citizen can get seamless applications and the issue of passports. This mPassport Seva mobile app is readily available on Android and iOS platforms.

Apply From Everywhere In India

Application for a passport has become easier with this newly launched mPassport Seva app. This is more helpful for the people who are residing away from their permanent address. mPassport Seva allows the applicants to apply for the passport at their nearest Passport Seva Kendra, district passport cell, post office Passport Seva Kendra, or Regional Passport Office.

That means, we can choose any of the passport Kendra or Seva irrespective of the address on application form. The payment and interview can be handled easily on the app. The applicant can complete the police verification also at the address submitted in the application. The passport authorities will deliver the passport at the address mentioned in the application form after the verification of all the required submissions.

Track Your Passport with mPassport Seva

With this official mPassport Seva app we can track the status of our passport after its dispatch. We need the application number or birth date mentioned in the application to track the status of the application. The ExternAffairsirs Minister vouched to have minimum One Post Office Passport Seva Kendra or Passport Seva Kendra for a constituency.

Apart from that, a total of 260 Passport Service Centres are to be expanded to all Lok Sabha constituencies. But after the launch of the mPassport Seva app, there are 15 fake apps launched in play store. Beware of those 15 fake apps.

About mPassport Seva App in Detail

mPassport Seva App

We can install the mPassport Seva app with the Indian National Emblem logo from the play store. This app consumes a very low space. After installation of the app, we can use it very easily. When we open the app the main menu is displayed on the full screen. Totally 10 options are seen on the main menu. Every option works at its best. Let us see the functioning of the app.

Existing User Log In

mPassport Seva App

This option is for the users who already have their own login details related to the app. Once we click on this ‘Menu’ option we can see a single-line form that asks our login Id. After giving an existing Login Id we can proceed further by clicking ‘Continue’. Also, there is no issue if we forget the login Id. The ‘trouble logging in’ choice can clear the way to get to our work.  There is an option at the bottom for New User Registration.      

New User Registration

mPassport Seva App

This option is necessary if we want to be a user of mPassport Seva App. The user has to fill in all the details in the prescribed form. Name with an added Surname is given. We can also choose the passport office which is nearer to the residential address. The user has to enter personal details like date of birth and email.

Keeping the interview of the user in mind a hint question option is given in which we can select the hint question. We can provide the answer to the hint question in the box below the hint question. A login Id or username with a password is set so that the personal account is ready.

Status Tracker

mPassport Seva App

Status Tracker option is useful to know the status of the dispatched passport. After clicking on the ‘menu’, we have to select the option From ‘Application Status’ and ‘RTI Status’. If we select Application status, then it asks our file number and Date of birth. After supplying the required information, click ‘track’ to know the status.

mPassport Seva App

If we go the ‘RTI Status option’ then the app asks us to provide RTI reference number.  We can get the status by a click on track button.

Appointment Availability

mPassport Seva AppWith this option ‘Appointment Availability’ in the ‘menu’,  we can get the possible dates for our appointment with the passport office. We can schedule our appointments when our time permits us to do so. After a click on this ‘menu’ option, we can select the passport office that we listed in the application form. Then we can check the availability and can get an appointment for us.

Document Advisor

mPassport Seva App

Document advisor can provide the complete information about the requirements to get a passport.  The user can notice five option on the screen after opening this menu. These options include the documents required for the fresh passport, Re-issue of passport,

‘PCC and Miscellaneous Services, Diplomatic and official passport, and Background verification for GEP. So the user can get a better knowledge on the process of application for a passport.

Fee Calculator

Fee calculator calculates the sufficient amount to pay in order to get a passport. The user will know the fee for the service applied for after the selection of the passport service type from the dropdown list.  The user can pay the prescribed fee for the solicited service online.

Locate Centre

mPassport Seva AppWith this menu option, we can find the Passport Seva Kendras, District passport cells, passport offices, and police stations. After selection of the required option, we can select the states, districts those we are about to find with the select an option.


The Annexure menu option enables the users to submit the required certificates. The applicant can manage identity certificate, declaration of the parent for minor’s passport, specimen affidavit for damaged or lost passport, prior intimation letter, and Authority letter etc. The user can upload the required certificates from the mobile itself. 


mpassport seva app

This option can serve as a helpline center. There are many sub-options inside the menu option. We can get whatever the information we want by clicking on the appropriate option.

Contact Us

mpassport seva app

This option is to contact the call center to check out the problems or issues happened while using the app. The toll-free call center number is available. The timings to contact the call center are also available for the better usage of the app.


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