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The news is everywhere and we can read anywhere. News printed on Paper has become the old one and mobile reading is the present trend. So many apps made the News available on mobiles. Of all, Google news did the complete justice to the mobile News reading. Follow this news app and get every small thing in the world.

google news

The app Google News was developed by Google and it is a News Aggregator. The app completely supplies continuous and customizable flow of articles. This news aggregator organizes the articles from a plenty of magazines and publishers. Android, Windows, and iOS give a high support to run Google News.

The initial beta version of this news website was launched in September 2002. The official app was made available from 2006 January. The main idea to introduce the Google News was developed by Krishna Bharat.

About Google News in Detail

As per the reports of 2013, this news platform reached a mark of 50,000 news Sources. It has versions with 28 languages support were brought to 60+ regions in March 2012. Later it was updated to the best support of 35 languages in 2015 September.

The News service covers the news from various news websites that happened within the past 30 days. This aggregation has detailed content from more than 25,000 magazines and publishers. Compared to other languages, English language news has high coverage with 4,500 sites. The website, later in 2017, took a redesign to give better accessibility and navigation to users.

With this redesign search tools, menu option was removed. Now, this website is using card format to group related news. Google News page never looks like search results page as the blue links and text snippets are removed.


Google News credits the availability to sort news results by time and date of publishing it. The best among all is grouping related news is possible even without searching. Coming to English news version, we see some options to tailor particular grouping to a selected audience of a nation.

You can subscribe to Google News alerts and then you can request e-mail alerts of selected keyword topics. Whenever the Google News finds the News articles of your selected keywords, it will send you through email.

News stories from various news editions are combined and they are made to form as one personalized page. For this, the options are stored in a cookie. This service was integrated with Google search history.

Google news uses artificial intelligence to analyze the content from the Web. Award-Winning journalists list the articles in this news platform. The user of this website can organize the news into some storylines. The user can choose the specific area in which he was interested and such area is briefed to the user. This briefing helps the user to get updated with the topmost storylines happening now.

For the topics you select on Google News, it organizes all local, national and global stuff together for your selected topics. If you need more information just give a tap on the headline to get the detailed storyline. This is made with a range of perspective articles and related videos.

The New version of this news platform gives you the accountability to tap on headlines to get the full stories. These are good publishers for Google News if you want to read the best articles.

So get more support from Google News Publishers and give back your support. Feeling the good sense of News is a tough challenge and Google News can do it easy for you.


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