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Best Learning Websites – In the olden days getting a job was very easy. Anyone with a master degree used to get high-paid jobs. But, nowadays, with the rapidly-increasing competition in education and employment,  the availability of jobs has been decreased.

best learning websites

The most noteworthy thing is that the companies started recruiting people based on their knowledge irrespective of the certificates. That is, the employers are searching for the people who have the adequate employable and social skills. These recruiting agencies are not bothering about the college or university where the candidate is graduated from but concentrating on the knowledge required for the particular job. The academic track record has been placed at the second.

Hence, students and job seekers started joining in part-time tuitions after the college hours. Students are desirous of taking different courses based on which career they want to select. But now, with the increase of technology and the internet, thousands of websites are launched to provide online courses for free and also for a nominal payment. As the internet is available for anyone having a smartphone, students can now easily learn from the online courses offered by different learning websites.

The List of the Best Learning Websites

So here I will give you the list of the best learning websites for different courses to join and learn.


W3 Schools is the best learning website for the students of computer science who opt to learn to code. Learning to code in books is somewhat a difficult task because we need to check every program live to know if it is correct or wrong. Even if we use a computer or a laptop we need to open software and install them into our PC to start learning to code. The W3 Schools has a lot of courses on HTML, PHP, SQL, jQuery and many more. Not just the tutorials but you can also try every tutorial yourself in the text area website. You can practice every code in the editor box for every tutorial.

Visit W3schools Here: W3schools


Listening to a live class is more effective than reading a book or a website. So video courses are best suitable for many students. Ted-Ed is an online e-website with different lessons and courses in video formats. You can find many inspiring motivational speech videos. Along with them, you can also find the best educational topics in the form of videos. All the videos provided by Ted-Ed are for free. You can also find video courses of less than 10 minutes of time and even videos for long hours.

Visit Ted-Ed Here: Ted-Ed


Mostly Udemy is known for many students. Udemy has mostly paid tutorials, but it also offers many free courses too. Udemy is an educational website with video tutorials on almost every topic. You can find thousands of topics with different video courses provided by different tutors. If you wish to learn the best courses in Udemy, you can preview the free videos and buy the best-suited course.

Visit Udemy Here: Udemy


“Drawspace” is the best learning website for drawing. Art can be achieved by concentrating and spending time on it. But many times we don’t know how to learn the art easily. The drawspace is one of the best learning websites for drawing gives you the best and detailed classes on drawing from beginners to experts. Most of the tutorials in “drawspace” are for free. But if you want to become experts in the drawing by learning in “drawspace” you need to pay some money. You can also continue with free tutorials which provide you the best courses.


Coursera is a popular learning website worldwide. This provides you the best online courses for free. The Coursera partners with different universities and brings different courses live and makes them available for students. Whatever you need to do is to search for the course you need to learn and simply enroll for the course. It will be approved very soon and you can start learning from Coursera.

Open culture

In the open culture, you can find 1300 free online courses from different universities, and thousand + MOOCs courses online along with 800 free e-books and 200 textbooks and 300 language lessons. You can also find business courses in open culture. Open culture partners with different universities to bring the best courses for students to learn online. In the Open Culture, you can also listen to free audiobooks. You can also watch 1500 free educational movies in open culture.


iTunesU is another best online educational place to study online. Anyone having an iPad or an iPhone can easily download the iTunesU app from the Apple store and can directly access different courses provided in iTunesU. For desktop users, they can simply access to iTunesU from the right-hand corner of the iTunes store. Even though some of the courses are paid you can find many free courses with videos and podcasts.

MIT Open CourseWare

MIT Open CourseWare is another best online learning website for students. Most of the students studying in different universities search for MIT courses online. MIT Open CourseWare will provide such material for free. You can access thousands of video courses from well-teaching lecturers.


Lynda, owned by LinkedIn, is another best e-Learning website for skill aspirant students. In Lynda, you can find the best courses in animation, music, business, photography, marketing and many more. On first sign up for Linda you will get a 30-day free trailer, and after that, you will be charged $20 per month. You can also take a premium membership for $30. You can deactivate your account anytime and you can re-join anytime you want in Lynda.


Udacity is one of the best learning websites for higher education. Nevertheless, the number of online websites for learning being increased, there is always a problem for higher education courses on the internet. The Udacity brings you out of it. You can get online courses in higher education in Udacity for free.

Udacity also provides the best courses to develop skills that are necessary for industrial purposes. They provide courses that are well used for industry employers. It is also a good platform to take online courses on developing courses like data science, software, web development, Android, and IOS. With this, you can be updated with today’s tech companies and start-ups.


Education always plays a vital role in getting good jobs and respectable positions in society. But with the increase in the number of students graduated from Universities every year, the demand for jobs has been increased. Hence companies started recruiting people with the required skills. So it is always important to improve your skills besides acquiring certificates from universities.

The above listed best learning websites help you develop your skills to your best. Start seeking courses from different online websites from now on. Also, share with our viewers your ideas on the best learning websites in the comment section below.


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